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This document details the various Fees, Charges, Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy for Car Rent Services by Luxury Car Hire using their Website & Mobile App (collectively, “The Service”).

Customers using The Service will be hereby referred to as Hirer and Driver in this document and are subject to the following fees, charges, terms and policies when using The Service offered by Luxury Car Hire.

Luxury Car Hire, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to update Fees, Charges, Payment Terms, Booking Payment Terms and/or Cancellation Policy at any time. Prior notice will be provided to Hirer before the new Terms and/or Policies go into effect. Hirer usage of The Service thereafter will be treated as hirer acceptance of the updated Fees, Charges, Payment Terms, Rental Payment Terms and/or Cancellation Policy.


1) Hirer are required to deposit funds as security deposit to be able to rent/reserve Luxury Car Hire.

2) Security deposit are fully refundable on the request of the hirer at the expense (If any) of the hirer during the rental period.

3) Hirer are responsible for any additional charges that may be accrued during their reservation and rental.

4) Hirer give explicit permission to Luxury Car Hire, upon prior intimation, to charge their account in accordance with the charges, fees and terms mentioned below.

5) It is Hirer responsibility to ensure that there are funds available to process payments made towards these additional charges.

6) If any payment is declined due to lack of availability of funds, a penalty of AED 50 will be levied for each week of delay after 15 days of invoice generation.

Following are the services which are charged extra at rates mentioned in the fare chart presented in the website:

1) All payments related to booking a vehicle, including Drop-Off and Pick- Up Services in Dubai is only free other emirates will be chargesd, are processed when the booking starts.

2) Drop-Off and Pick-Up

3) Cleaning fee 700 AED, if the vehicle is found to be excessively dirty as a result of hirer usage .

4) Fine on Drinking, eating and smoking any substances (strictly prohibited) inside the vehicle at any time.

5) Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication,that restricts the usage and operation of heavy machinery or driving a vehicle, is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of rental contract. Hirer will not be eligible for any refunds, Also, Member will be subject to a fine amount of AED 2000.

6) Additional charges that might result from the car being impounded and/or out of service will be charged to the hirer.

7) Hirer will be held responsible for loss of revenue for the entire period that the vehicle is not in service as a result of their negligence. These charges are a minimum of AED 200 for each day the car is not in service.

8) Hirer are subject to Salik charges 5 AED per salik.

9) Tampering with Salik Tags will result in a fine of AED 2000.

10) Tampering or modifying any electronics, mechanics, interiors, exteriors or any devices inside the vehicle will result in a penalty as per the damage caused.

11) Hirer required maintaining a fuel level as delivered, otherwise low fuel tank penalty will be charged.

12) Hirer are solely responsible for any violations, including but not limited to traffic and parking violations that result in a fine and/or black points during their booking period, and will be held liable for all Penalties associated with service charges.

13) Hirer are responsible for any parking fines that result from an illegal or improper parking, even if the fine is issued after Members allotted booking period is complete.

14) If the car stalls or stops due to low/no fuel during a booking, the Member responsible is subject to a penalty of AED 300.00 in addition to Police or RTA fines.

15)Member, in addition to the fine amount, are liable to pay an administrative 100 AED fees.

16)Members are expected to return the vehicle promptly at the end of their booking period. Late returns will be subject to Late return fine.

17) In the event of an accident, if judged by the authorities to be Members fault, the Member is wholly responsible to pay the Minimum Deductible Payments in accordance with the insurance policies issued for the vehicle.

18) Members under the age of 25 and above 21 are subject to additional charges in accordance with the insurance polices as 10% of damage claim amount.


1) We accept payments online using Visa, MasterCard and American express credit/debit card in AED or any other agreed currency

2) If you make a payment for our products or services on our website, the details you are asked to submit will be provided directly to our payment provider via a secured connection.

3) The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules .

4) Cash payments can be accepted in exceptional situations.

5) Multiple shipments/delivery may result in multiple postings to the cardholder’s monthly statement.


1) Members are expected to reserve cars only when they are certain of rental.

2) To discourage cancellations and modification, we charge penalties on cancellation and modification of rentals. For the best rate please refer our website.


1) Buyers will be reimbursed in the same met method of payment used to pay for the item.

1) Discounted reservations and Promotional vouchers are Non- Refundable.

The above charges and fees are subject to change. Hirer are advised to keep up to date with the current applicable charges and fees by periodically reviewing Payment, Refund and Exchange Policy and on the website in Pricing and Features Section. Hirer may approach Luxury Car Hire at any time through the information provided in the Contact section of the Luxury Car Hire websites.

Policy is Effective from 1 Nov 2018.
Last Updated on 1st Nov 2018.

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